Trixie adopted! Paige doing great

Trixie has been adopted! Thanks to all who spread the word!

Paige is doing well in her new home. Apparently she didn’t have much contact with other cats previously, but she’s learning quickly and full of purrs.

Remember the Shaw Telethon coming up tomorrow from 10am to 4pm on Shaw Cable 10! There will be an exclusive video of Trixie during the telethon, so don’t miss it!

Trixie ready for adoption!

This girl has gotten big and is ready to go to her forever home!


As you may have heard, the Saskatoon SPCA currently has most of its cats under quarantine due to an outbreak of panleukopenia.  Since we can’t take Trixie back there for a while, it’s even more important that you spread the word so she can be adopted out of our home!


She is full of energy and love.  She purrs whenever we pick her up, but like all kittens at this age, she mostly wants to PLAY PLAY PLAY!  


To adopt Trixie please contact the SPCA at 306-374-7387. They will pass your contact information on to us and we can go from there!

More information, including adoption fees, can be found here.

Hello Trixie!

About a week ago someone is Osler found a kitten who was abandoned by her mother. The kitten was about two weeks old. I was at the SPCA and wasn’t really intending to foster because we still have Paige in the basement…

And now we have Trixie in a large enclosure upstairs!


Shelter staff had hoped she was old enough to eat solid food, but that just gave her the runs. After some kitten milk replacer her problems cleared up, but it was definitely bathtime.

So far Trixie’s life has mostly been eat, burp, sleep. We’ve very recently added some playtime in there after eating, because she’s getting more active. We have a little pillow that contains a sound chip that makes a heartbeat sound, and that seems to keep her from getting lonely.

It will be tough raising her as a single kitten. We’re so glad the SPCA was there to save her!



Not all the fosters we get are kittens. Sometimes adult cats don’t adapt well to the shelter environment. Think of all the cats you’ve known. Some are shy, some will come right up to you the first time they meet you. Well, in the shelter, the shy cats often either “shut down” (huddle in the corner) or they can exhibit odd behavior, like wanting to be petted because they’re lonely, but then biting because you’re a stranger.

Paige was dropped off by her owners at the shelter. She is a five year old spayed Ragdoll, lilac point. She had never known any other family. She desperately needed a dental cleaning, and having sore gums made her somewhat grumpy.

Imagine yourself in the same situation. You are happy, all is going well, no signs of anything changing… and within a matter of hours you are in a small cage. Everything smells odd and you can hear people screaming and crying all around you, but you can’t see them. You look for your family but they are nowhere to be found. A stranger opens your cage door and wants to touch you. What is your reaction? Most humans would shy back or even slap away the hand. We seem to expect ALL cats to want to be petted ALL the time, even in stressful situations.

Paige is such a sweetie that she would purr and want to be petted, but she also wanted her family back. So if you petted her she would purr a little but then hiss at you. That kind of behavior was not going to get her adopted, and she needed a dental cleaning, so she was sent into foster care with us.

The first day in the foster room, she had such sad eyes. She spent most of her time watching the door for her family. Occasionally she would come toward us and strop against us. She wanted attention so badly, but we were strangers. She snuggled beside me on the bed but after I stroked her a little she hissed and got up and left. She never bit or clawed us. She has incredibly good manners, but she wasn’t going to just throw herself at anyone she saw. She had too much self respect for that. I mean, what did we think she was, a DOG?

After a few days of visiting her in the bedroom, we let her out into the basement. She explored and would come to us and accept a bit of attention. I even picked her up, not an easy task since she weighs 15 pounds!

That’s when I realized that she really was mostly Ragdoll. When they are picked up, they don’t show the normal signs cats do of not wanting to be picked up. They just go limp. I’m not even sure they know what goes on during that time. So from her point of view, she was purring while standing on the floor. Suddenly she was purring, but on my lap. Then after a few seconds she realized where she was. She looked at me with wide eyes. I made sure to not restrain her. Then she gave a distressed “MEOW!” and jumped back to the floor. Point taken… although it’s handy for putting her in the carrier, picking her up makes her lose her ability to object.

Paige had her dental cleaning and we could tell she felt better afterwards. Two of her molars were completely encased in tartar, and her gums were very red. After the cleaning, Paige hasn’t hissed at us once and seems willing to accept almost any amount of belly rubs and attention.

We had company stay in the basement on the weekend. Paige was very happy and social and politely spent time with each visitor.

One of the visitors fell in love with her and will be adopting her. :)


There are a few things to learn from this experience.

If you need to rehome a pet, especially one who is shy with strangers, please try to find them another home yourself before dropping them at the shelter. Your pet is worth spending a few advertising dollars on, and a shy cat will show off far better at your home than in the shelter.

The Saskatoon SPCA is far from being a “death trap” for animals. The staff are caring people who are there because they love animals. They want to give every animal every chance they can. The Second Chance Fund (contributed to in large part by the SPCA Auxiliary) paid for Paige’s dental cleaning. That said, resources are always limited and so the more support you give, the more animals they can save!

A big thank you to the SPCA Auxiliary and to the Saskatoon SPCA for saving Paige’s life! She is such a sweet cat and now she can move on to a new home full of love.

They’re up for adoption!


Our babies were the centre of attention at the Just for Cats film festival today.  We were very surprised at how well they handled all the attention!  They were cuddled and hugged and in general made much of.  And now they’re going to be at the SPCA, ready for adoption!

Kittens eat 066

We started feeding them on two plates because they wouldn’t fit on one.  Onyx will run back and forth from plate to plate, just in case the other one contains something better.  

Here’s Clifford the little red cat. 

Cliff 072

Clifford is rather squirmy and difficult to focus on in low light with my less than professional camera skills.   What a handsome boy.

Mica 068

Mica loves a zipper. She loves anything new, really.  She was quite calm when being handled by strangers and children, but would eventually wiggle a bit.

Rocky 069

Rocky has grown quickly, and is no longer the runt of the litter!  He is a “percher-on” kitten, and enjoys hanging out on your shoulder. 

Rocky 070

And being silly.


Onyx 073

Onyx is actually a smoke tabby, not a black cat!  She is gorgeous, and also can’t resist the shiny allure of a zipper pull.  She is the biggest of the kittens.

Sandy turned out to be the most outgoing of them all.  He purred and loved being held and soaked up the attention.  

Sandy 067

They are all available at the Saskatoon SPCA now, 5 miles south of the city on Clarence.  Another group of babies has gone out into the world.  We’re always a little sad, but mostly happy that we could help out some little furry critters in their journey.

Meet the Rock family!

We just had to name the runt of this litter Rocky because he’s a real fighter.  And cuddler.  He was the first kitten to purr for us.  The other names naturally followed.

The kittens are just 6 weeks old and small for their age.

First let’s meet the boys!

Rocky 056



Nsady 058



Cliff 065



Now the girls!


Mica 059



Onyx 066


Onyx is such an interesting girl, she looks almost black but really is a very dark striped tabby.  When she has a full tummy you can really see her stripes!

Everyone adopted, new babies incoming

Hello all!

Sorry for not updating when the last of the litter was adopted! Everyone went to good homes.

It being spring, there are many many kittens. If you ever were thinking about fostering for the Saskatoon SPCA, now would be a good time! Just email if you’re interested.

Soon to come… more babies!