They’re up for adoption!


Our babies were the centre of attention at the Just for Cats film festival today.  We were very surprised at how well they handled all the attention!  They were cuddled and hugged and in general made much of.  And now they’re going to be at the SPCA, ready for adoption!

Kittens eat 066

We started feeding them on two plates because they wouldn’t fit on one.  Onyx will run back and forth from plate to plate, just in case the other one contains something better.  

Here’s Clifford the little red cat. 

Cliff 072

Clifford is rather squirmy and difficult to focus on in low light with my less than professional camera skills.   What a handsome boy.

Mica 068

Mica loves a zipper. She loves anything new, really.  She was quite calm when being handled by strangers and children, but would eventually wiggle a bit.

Rocky 069

Rocky has grown quickly, and is no longer the runt of the litter!  He is a “percher-on” kitten, and enjoys hanging out on your shoulder. 

Rocky 070

And being silly.


Onyx 073

Onyx is actually a smoke tabby, not a black cat!  She is gorgeous, and also can’t resist the shiny allure of a zipper pull.  She is the biggest of the kittens.

Sandy turned out to be the most outgoing of them all.  He purred and loved being held and soaked up the attention.  

Sandy 067

They are all available at the Saskatoon SPCA now, 5 miles south of the city on Clarence.  Another group of babies has gone out into the world.  We’re always a little sad, but mostly happy that we could help out some little furry critters in their journey.

Meet the Rock family!

We just had to name the runt of this litter Rocky because he’s a real fighter.  And cuddler.  He was the first kitten to purr for us.  The other names naturally followed.

The kittens are just 6 weeks old and small for their age.

First let’s meet the boys!

Rocky 056



Nsady 058



Cliff 065



Now the girls!


Mica 059



Onyx 066


Onyx is such an interesting girl, she looks almost black but really is a very dark striped tabby.  When she has a full tummy you can really see her stripes!

Everyone adopted, new babies incoming

Hello all!

Sorry for not updating when the last of the litter was adopted! Everyone went to good homes.

It being spring, there are many many kittens. If you ever were thinking about fostering for the Saskatoon SPCA, now would be a good time! Just email if you’re interested.

Soon to come… more babies!

What we can learn from a kitten

Kona 043Kona when he arrived at our place.

Kona is still in our care, along with his mom Caramel.  Kona’s eye did not get better, and he has had it removed.    Although he will not be handicapped, he will have a harder time finding a home because he’s not the “perfect” kitten a lot of people are looking for.  So please spread the word!  His mother is a lovely cat as well, she enjoys cuddling and plays so nicely with Kona.  She is probably only about a year old herself.

Here’s what Kona looked like just before the surgery. 

Kona 042Kitten may not be exactly as pictured.

Kona is such a sweet boy.  Everyone who meets him remarks at how friendly he is.  Even though he’s had to have eyedrops and antibiotics administered daily since he was about six weeks old, he never holds it against us.  He has even purred all through the process.  He doesn’t spend any time moping about when we put his cone back on, he just patiently waits and then bounces off to play.  

Please spread the word about this sweet boy so we can find him and his mom good homes.

Kona 041

Mocha and Latte up for adoption!

Latte and Mocha are in the shelter now, ready for you to adopt!  


Latte says “Really? Cool!”

At the shelter, Latte is wearing a green collar, which I think goes really well with his creamsicle fur!

Mocha’s coloring is so gorgeous.  He is a very light brown, and his nose and toe beans are a soft dusty rose shade.  He really has to be seen in person to be believed. 


Mocha says “What was that?”


“Yay, I’m going to find my forever home too?”


“Well then, let me pose for you! How’s this?”

If you want to adopt one or both of these cute brothers, please contact the Saskatoon SPCA at 306-374-7387, or visit the Saskatoon SPCA, 5 km south of the city on Clarence.

Say Hi to Latte

Latte just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend!




This morning everyone wanted a part of us.  Leslie had Latte and Mocha play fighting in her lap while she was holding Kona in a towel (kitten wrapped in a towel is called a purrito) so I could put a warm compress on his eye.  Meanwhile, Caramel jumped up into my arms.  So I’m cuddling her with my right arm, holding compress on Kona with my left.  When we were done giving him eyedrops, Kona snuggled into me and his mom and purred up a storm. 

Too cute! Action shots!

Lattelick 025

Latte gives me a kiss as Caramel purrs.  Of course he probably chewed on my finger a moment later, but hey.  

There was such a moment of cute yesterday.  We had given Kona his warm eye compress and he fell asleep.  I was cuddling him in my arms, mostly covered by the towel we’d used to restrain him.   I noticed Caramel was walking around and giving the little “murl” that mommas do when they’re calling their kittens.  I realized she couldn’t see him! So I called to her and she jumped up into my arms and saw Kona.  She licked his face and he woke up long enough to purr SO LOUD and then went back to sleep.  She stayed there and I snuggled them both.  So sweet.

Another Caramel story: When we first put a bowl of water in the room, it was a stainless steel bowl.  They seemed to go through it really quickly, and a lot of it got on the floor.  Then we refilled it and Caramel immediately went over to the bowl, lifted up a paw, and touched the water.  She lifted up the other paw, did the same thing.  Then she lifted both front paws and started paddling!  All the water splashed EVERYWHERE! 

We changed out the water dish for a ceramic one, and she immediately went to it and drank for a long time.  I’m not sure what she disliked about the metal dish, but she sure made her opinion known!

Konacaramel 026Wow Mom, your paws are huge!

The kittens are all getting bigger and eating well.  Kona’s left eye is still a bit sore.  He’s playing normally though, which is a great sign.

Actionshot 028

This is what they do all day, or at least when they’re not sleeping. Latte on top, Kona halfway up, and Mocha on the bottom. Freeze frame!

Actionshot 032

Babies growing, here’s Caramel

The kittens are still getting over their colds, so let’s introduce you to their mom, Caramel!

Caramel 019

Caramel is a soft-spoken girl, and quite small.  She tends to speak with quiet little “murls”.  

She also loves being held and cuddled, and has such a cute soft purr. 

Caramel is a great mom and will be available for adoption in a few weeks.  If you’re interested in adopting her or any of her kittens, please email

Caramel 018

Hey Mom! Mom! Whatcha looking at? Moooooom!